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Alkins Real Estate Ltd. is a boutique real estate brokerage in the Greater Toronto Area. We are members of The Toronto Regional Real Estate Board (TRREB), the Ontario and the Canadian Real Estate Associations (OREA and CREA), the Appraisal Institute of Canada (AlC), and the Real Estate Institute of Canada (REIC). We are residential real estate appraisers also!

Alkins Real Estate Ltd., Brokerage is your one-stop source for all your real estate needs. Our company has over 40 years of experience in residential listings and sales, plus an extensive knowledge of commercial and industrial properties.


Alkins Real Estate Ltd. is your real estate guide. We know the Toronto GTA markets and trends. We are advisors and consultants carrying all the up-to-date industry tools for your real estate needs. We handle a broad range of questions. Do you have questions? We have answers. We are the real estate brokerage for you !

John Alkins


Broker of Record

Alkins Real Estate began in 1948 with the same attributes that we share with our clients today: a strict code of ethics, honesty, and genuine care for our client’s needs. It’s been part of our continued success and the reason why so many of our clients return to us.

Our early beginnings involved selling land to homebuilders and industrial developers in the emerging community of Etobiocke.

Today, we sell houses and condos; we sell and lease commercial, industrial and investment properties. We are often involved in estate trust transactions, matrimonial, tax situations and real estate appraisals.



Buy – Sell – List – Invest in Properties With Confidence

Does Size Matter?

When selecting a Toronto real estate company, does the size of the company matter?

Some buyers and sellers believe that using the real estate services of a large real estate brokerage with a well-known name will help to sell their property more quickly. When, in fact, it is the individual agent that will help you and not the company’s name on the sign. So what would make one Toronto real estate company better than another?

It is the real estate service, commitment, product knowledge and experience a client recognizes.


Value vs. Perception

In many professional business practices such as law, health care, finance, etc., there are often associations of professionals in one location. Even though there may be many lawyers, doctors or financial advisors, you usually deal with one person. The same is true for real estate. What are you really getting when you hire a Toronto Real Estate Broker? You basically have a professional real estate service provider, whether that is an individual or a group of individuals (team) to whom you are deemed as a client.


Toronto GTA Real Estate Industry

In the old days, the idea was for clients to come away thinking that all the other real estate agents/salespeople in the company were collectively working to help them. In reality, the only real estate salesperson looking out for their best interests is the one they choose as their designated representative.

If you want experience, expertise and good sound counsel, you can find it in any company whether large or small. We don’t think there is anything wrong with large associations of sales representatives in one firm. Our angle is for a more focused approach for our clients. We think there is indeed a valuable difference to our clients.

Real Estate is our business. Alkins Real Estate Ltd. builds relationships through quality real estate service. Give us a call and let’s talk real estate.

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We have earned the designations of CRA and FRI

What is a CRA?

AIC Logo

The Appraisal Institute of Canada (AIC) was founded in 1938. The AIC is the premier real property valuation association in Canada. As a self-regulating professional organization, AIC grants the distinguished Accredited Appraiser Canadian Institute (AACI) and Canadian Residential Appraiser (CRA) designations to individuals across Canada and around the world.

AIC members are highly qualified valuation professionals who undertake a rigorous program of professional studies, examination and experience before being granted a designation. The Institute also supports the principles of lifelong learning through a mandatory continuing professional development program and requirements to complete their professional practice seminar on a regular basis. This ensure that the members have the most up-to-date education and skills to offer their clients.

The education, experience and life long learning requirements that AIC has put in place ensure that the real value expert you hire will provide you with the most professional valuation expertise and opinions in the marketplace. Put your trust in the most highly regarded designations in the real property marketplace.

The Appraisal Institute of Canada grants the two most prestigious real property valuation designations in Canada. The Accredited Appraiser Canadian Institute (AACI) and Canadian Residential Appraiser (CRA) designations are the most highly regarded in the marketplace and identify highly qualified individuals who have completed AIC’s rigorous education, experience and examination requirements.

(Canadian Residential Appraiser) designates members qualified in the appraisal and valuation of individual undeveloped residential dwelling sites and dwellings containing not more than four self-contained family housing units.

What is a FRI?


The FRI (Fellow of the Real Estate Institute) designation is Canada’s pre-eminent real estate designation.

The FRI is a mark of excellence earned by a very few; the top real estate professionals who demonstrate an ongoing commitment to the highest standards of education, experience, and ethical conduct in the real estate industry.

Awarded by the Real Estate Institute of Canada, the FRI designation assures you that you are dealing with a seasoned real estate professional who is committed to providing you with the very best service.

Benefits of hiring a FRI:

A lot is at stake when you choose your real estate professional. How can you be sure that you are getting the very best there is?

With a FRI, you can be confident that you have selected a reputable professional who has achieved the highest standards of experience, education, and ethics in the Canadian real estate industry today.

A call to us is free. We offer sound advice. We are well-versed in the real estate marketplace.